Pepperdine University


Dr. Owen Hall - Professor of Decision Systems

If you would like to see how RoboTutor  is being used in a real University setting, Dr. Owen Hall at Pepperdine University in Southern California has created numerous RoboTutor exams to go with his online courses. He uses to present his course material and RoboTutor for his testing. To see how nicely it works, follow these quick instructions. I think you will be impressed. It might also give you some ideas how you may want to do your online training.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter into the Login box: ehall
  3. Enter into the Password box: mooncity
  4. Click Go
  5. The My Home page appears
  6. Click My Courses button on left side
  7. The My Courses page appears
  8. Click on Study.Net University -- Stat City Demo to highlight it.
  9. Then click View Course
  10. Two Windows open. Close the top one.
  11. The Syllabus page appears
  12. Click the Assignments button on the left side
  13. The Assignments page appears
  14. Click on the Descriptive Statistics Practice Exam link about half way down the page.
  15. The Session2: Descriptive Statistics window opens.
  16. Click on the Click Here button under Description
  17. Fill in your name and make up a password
  18. The RoboTutor test appears. This is just one of many tests Dr. Hall has up and running for his online business courses.
Notice, you can enter new student names, not just existing names in the database. The link to the test contains all the information needed to open it. It is not necessary for the student to pick a test.

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