New Features in Version 10

  1. SQL Database
    Version 10 uses a single SQL database rather than multiple Access databases. This makes it possible to use the program greatly increased simultaneous users and total numbers of students. It also allows for much more powerful records and reports.
  2. Academic Olympic Games Team Comparisons
    The games now have a new Team Comparisons options which tracks and compares groups of students over space and time. This makes is possible for teams in different schools and at different times to have competitions.
  3. Date and Time Display Options
    This new option in Advanced Features makes it possible to specify specific times and dates when tests can be taken. If students try to take tests at any other times, they get an error message.
  4. Import / Export Tests
    This new feature makes it possible to import tests into the SQL database from the Access version and to export texts from the SQL database into the Access version.
  5. Test Bank
    This new feature makes it possible to add tests to a test bank so any other teachers can import and use them with their own students.
  6. Hierarchical Access Codes for Primary Users
    This option lets the user add log-in names in a hierarchical order. Each level can see all the names and tests of persons logging in below them.
  7. Associate Users
    This new feature makes it possible for a Primary User to create any number of Associate Users who can be assigned rights to view and see the same students and tests as the primary user, but do not have access to System Administration.
  8. Subtitle Added to User Defined Values
    This feature lets you assign the CourseID field any value you want. For example, it could be Course #. This feature must be setup by the System Administrator in default_settings.asp.
  9. Links to other Web Pages in Test Instructions
    This new feature makes it possible to easily include a link to other web pages in the student instructions when they start a test.
  10. Student Test Link Wizard
    This new feature makes it very easy to create a link to student tests or games and then copy and paste it into other web pages, applications, or email.
  11. External Test Links
    This new feature makes it possible to include tests in a teacher's Test Area without actually importing them. Students can take the tests and they appear in the Records & Reports for that teacher. But they actually remain in the Test Area of the developer.
  12. Merge Student Records
    This new feature makes it possible to merge student records under various spellings of a student's name into a single record under 1 name.
  13. List Student who Fail Tests
    This new feature in Records & Reports makes it possible to list the highest score of students who failed to pass one or more tests.
  14. Link into Human Resource and other Databases
    This new feature lets makes it possible to read in student names rather than having each student setup his or her own name and to write out test results to school or company training records. Since these records will vary from one application to another, it requires custom programming for the specific databases involved.
  15. Sorting Codes Auto Entry
    This new feature makes it possible to automatically enter sorting codes when students take tests. The code can be added to the Address or requested on the student Log-In page.
  16. New Animations and Sound Files
    The drop-down menus for the Animations, Certificates, and Headers have a number of new entries.
  17. Main Menu Graphics
    All the main menu graphics in the program have been redesigned in new colors and added interactivity. Tab graphics have been added to the Help menus.
  18. Help Files
    All the Help files have been rewritten specifically for this new SQL version.
  19. Import/Move Tests
    This new feature makes it possible to 1) Import tests from the Test Bank, 2) Access tests in other Test Areas, and 3) Move tests from other Test Areas along with all student records.
  20. Tracking Records
    This new feature makes it possible to switch between saving records of all tests students take or saving the record of only the highest score on any test a student takes. By saving only the highest score, the number of records and space required can be dramatically reduced.
  21. Delete Test Records
    This new feature makes it possible from Advanced Features in Test Administration Setup to remove from the database records of tests that are unwanted and taking up space such as when students fail the test or take it over multiple times.
  22. System Access Navigation Chart
    This new System Administration feature makes it possible to display all lower-level system Log-Ins a single chart and then to immediately switch into any associated Test Areas.
  23. Custom Student Log-In Page
    This new feature makes it possible for teachers to customize the look and feel of the student log-in page. They can set the graphics, colors, and title to suite their specific needs. See Wizard Help for details.
  24. Quick Log-In Navigation Screen
    This new feature in System Administration makes it possible to click a single button and display all the log-ins at the User's level and below in their hierarchal order. Click on any one to immediately log-in that Test Area.
  25. Selective Student Delete
    This new feature in Student Administration makes it possible to delete student records from a specific Test Area, instead of deleting them out of the database completely.
  26. Test Area Permissions
    This new feature in System Administration makes it possible to restrict a User from importing tests, viewing all names in all Test Areas, and deleting student records except in the User's Test Area.
  27. Session ID Field
    This new feature adds a Session ID field to complement the Course ID field. Now courses can have both a course number and a session number.
  28. Test Administration Navigation
    This new Test Administration feature makes it possible to switch to any level below oneself and yet retain the access rights of the parent level. A Switch button then appears on the Test List page so you can easily switch back.
  29. Custom Course Menu
    This new feature makes is possible for teachers to create custom menus of tests, surveys, and/or games which students can access through a class log-in to RoboTutor.
  30. Upload Course Materials
    This new features makes it possible to upload course materials in the form of Word or PowerPoint documents, among others, and store them online in a designated folder with links to it from the custom Course Menu.
  31. Import Custom Menus
    This new feature makes it possible to import from another Test Area and into your own Test Area the complete custom menus setup there.
  32. System Navigation
    This new feature makes is possible from Test Administration and System Administration to quickly jump from one Test Area to another. It also allows the user to scan and edit all users from a single screen.
  33. Copy to Lower Levels & Add to Custom Course Menu
    This new feature on the Question List page (drop-down menu) makes it possible to copy tests to any number of Test Areas below oneself and optionally to add the tests to the Custom Course Menu.
  34. Student Log-In to Custom Menus
    This new feature lets a student access only the Course Menu when he logs-in using his Teacher's User Name and the Student Password setup in System Administration under his Test Area.
  35. The Venture Game
    This new feature makes it possible to play a Jeopardy like game in RoboTutor. It is the 1st feature designed designed for RoboTutor using .NET architecture.
  36. New Audio Files and Animations
    The selection of animations and sound files for use in the Results Pages and other Test Areas is greatly enhanced with many new animations and sounds custom designed for use in RoboTutor.
  37. New Headers and Backgrounds
    The selection of headers and background files for use in the Tests was greatly enhanced with many new designs for use in RoboTutor.
  38. Test Header and Category Borders
    This new features makes it easy to add table borders the same as those around test questions. It is no longer necessary to copy and paste HTML code. Hyperlinks can also be added with the click of the mouse.
  39. Student Access to Personal Test Records
    This new features makes it possible for the application administrator to turn off in the default settings the Access My Records button so students cannot access their personal records.  
  40. Custom Test Area Lists
    This new feature makes it possible to display a drop-down menu from the student log-in page that displays only Test Areas where a specific test has been copied.
  41. Coaching (6/8/05)
    This new feature lets the teacher, when setting all question weights at 0, to have students take essay tests, submit and email to the teacher, who comments and responds back. The student can then go back into the test, modify it, resubmit again, and do this over and over again.
  42. Copy Down Email (7/2/05)
    This new feature lets the administrator enter email addresses for individual users in System Admin. Then when a test is copied down to a lower level, if it originally was setup to send out email, then those emails will be automatically substituted with those setup in System Admin for each user.
  43. Graph Student Personal Test Records (8/1/05)
    This new feature makes it possible for students to both list in a table or graph their personal test records. It also adds the option to list all tests or only Transcript tests.
  44. Clean-Up Database
    This new feature for the System Administrator only makes it possible to delete ALL student test records within specified dates, delete all test records EXCEPT the HIGHEST test score, or delete all test records EXCEPT the HIGHEST PASSING test score.
  45. Tutorial Start-Over
    This new feature gives the student the option when taking a tutorial over again that was terminated early to begin where he left off or to start with question 1.
  46. Turn Off Category Randomization
    This new feature lets the user turn off randomization within a single category when randomization for the test as a whole is turned on.
  47. Customizable Menu Titles & Graphics
    This new features lets the user easily use their own logo, organization name and up to 6 custom pictures on their various log-in and menu pages.
  48. Import Tests from Test Generator.
    This new feature lets you import tests from the Test Generator application. It shows how RoboTutor can be customized to import tests from virtually any other application.
  49. Add Super Menu to Training Menu
    This new feature is adds a third tier to to the Training Menu. This makes it possible organize training menus by year or other criteria.
  50. Export to SCORM Compliant XML File
    SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. This new feature creates an XML test file that can be used to import RoboTutor tests into other SCORM compliant applications.
  51. Add Test Area Option to View My Records
    This new feature lets students select the specific Test Area to which their personal records apply. This makes it so students can see just their records for a specific teacher or subject area.
  52. Add option to Include Tests Not Taken to View My Records
    This new feature lets the student optionally select to include all tests NOT taken in the Test Area selected.
  53. Add Option to Restore Lost Tests
    This new feature in System Admin lets the Administrator that can no longer be seen because the Test Area in which they were located has been deleted.
  54. Disable Printer, Right Click, and Copy & Paste when taking Tests
    This new feature disables the above when students are taking tests or tutorials.
  55. Add Option in Advanced Features to save only the Pre and Post test results.
    This new feature, setup in Advanced Features, makes it possible to save only the first and highest test results. Previously, RoboTutor saved either ALL or only the HIGHEST SINGLE test result.
  56. Training Master Menu
    This new feature, accessed from Setup Training Menu, skips the log-in page and displays links to all the training the menus in RoboTutor. Great access point for students to the training available.
  57. Training Videos
    The number of sample videos in RoboTutor has been expanded from 1 to 8 and includes instructions on how to add a video to training. There is a link on the manual home page to the videos.
  58. Super Menu Transfers
    This new feature in Setup Training Menu adds a new S-Update button to the bottom and lets you update selected items in the menu to other or new Super Menus.
  59. Grayed Background with Deletions
    This new cosmetic enhancement grays the page background whenever the option to Delete or Remove has been selected.
  60. Display Reports in Excel Spreadsheet
    This enhancement adds an option in Records & Reports > Group Tracking Records to select the display format: Browser or Excel Spreadsheet. If the latter is chosen, it opens Excel and displays the report there.
  61. Significantly Enlarged Uploads
    This enhancement dramatically expands the size of uploads that can be made in RoboTutor. It is now possible to upload PowerPoints and other large training material and graphic files.
  62. Tracking Administration
    This enhancement adds a new section to the main menu that lets users setup multiple tracking component and programs, enter core competency skills, and run tracking program reports.
  63. Restart Tests
    This enhancement makes it possible to switch on or off the option for students to restart a test where they left off if for some reason the test was terminated before completing it.
  64. Delete Specific Student Test Records
    Many students take the same test more than once. This enhancement makes it possible to delete ONE or more specific instances of a student taking the test. Previously only ALL records of the student taking the test could be deleted.
  65. Optical Mark Reader
    For students that need to take tests when computers are not available, this option makes it possible to use scan cards and then to scan in student answers to test questions.
  66. Academic Olympics Game Enhancement
    This game has been so popular, many teachers use it in place of tests for student learning assessment. This option enhances the game by making it possible to require students to identify themselves with their passwords rather than using anonymous names. It also adds a new report in Records & Reports that lists games played by student.
  67. Group Tracking Records -- List by Category
    This new feature lets you list tracking records per test by category totals. This makes is possible to see how students did in each category of the test.