Nine Steps to Setting Up a Training Module


Nine Steps for setting up new training modules with RoboTutor quizzes using corporate Safety courses as an example: 

  1. Open a Service Desk ticket.
  2. Get the training module.
  3. Edit the training module. Assuming the client sent a PowerPoint, locate it on your hard drive where you saved it, open it , and do the following:

                                                              i.      If they are already there, check to make sure they are on all the screens except those with interactive questions.

                                                              i.      The questions are based on previous slides.

                                                            ii.      They are multiple choice questions with the answers setup as hyperlinks.

                                                          iii.      If an employee gets it right, he moves forward to the next screen and hears a “clapping” sound file (This is why the forward button is removed on these slides).

                                                           iv.      If an employee gets it wrong, he goes back to where the material can be found and hears a “bomb” sound file (The backward button remains on this page).

                                                             v.      If the interactive question is already in the PowerPoint, check to make sure the links are setup properly.

                                                              i.      Search by subject

                                                            ii.      Select the Extra Large (XL) Clear Animation

                                                          iii.      Download it to your hard drive and save it in My Pictures or other appropriate folder.

                                                           iv.      Import the animation into the PowerPoint where desired using Insert > Picture > From File

                                                              i.      Go to Slide Show > Action Buttons and create a blank button.

                                                            ii.      Go to Insert > Text Box and create a text box positioned on top of the button.

                                                          iii.      Type Quiz in the box, make it bold, size 48, centered.

                                                           iv.      You will hyperlink the button to the RoboTutor quiz, but since the quiz has not yet been created, this will be done later.

  1. Setup the RoboTutor test.

                                                              i.      If it is a DOC file, save it as a TXT file.

                                                            ii.      Open the TXT file. Remove the heading above the first question or anything after the last question.

                                                          iii.      Make sure every question is in the format:
1. Question
    a. First option
    b. Second option*
    c. Third option,

                                                           iv.      Make sure the correct answers are marked with a * at the end of the question as shown above with option b.

                                                             v.      Save the text file to your hard drive.

                                                              i.      Log In as “Administrator” with the designated password:

                                                            ii.      Select Test Administration from the Main Menu

                                                          iii.      Select List/Edit Existing Tests

                                                           iv.      If the new module is for Safety, in the User column, find any Safety hyperlink and click on it.                                                                  

                                                           vi.      You should now be in the Safety Test Area with a list of existing tests shown in a table. At the top of the table there is a Search field. Enter in a key word from the name of the PowerPoint presentation. For example, if the presentation is on record keeping, enter “%Recordkeeping%” and click Search. This will bring up any prior tests on this subject. This is very useful so we can build the new test from the same template and use the same Ellipse number, unless otherwise specified by the person providing the presentation.

                                                         vii.      Click on the top test in the table from those displayed by the search. This will then open the test in edit mode.

                                                       viii.      In the top RIGHT side there is a drop-down field. Select “Create Test from Template.”

                                                           ix.      Modify the heading to include the current date. For example, “Jan07 Recordkeeping Requirements”. The month for the training is very helpful for identification by both administrators and employees.

                                                             x.      Set the Session to the current year: “2008”

                                                           xi.      Change the Ellipse number if a new one is provided.

                                                         xii.      Change the Test ID. This can be anything as long as it is unique. But a test id that shows the Test Area and the date is very helpful. For example, “SE_01_07” for Safety, January 2008. Use _ instead of blank spaces to separate sections.

                                                       xiii.      Enter the author if he or she has changed and click Submit. You will be returned the Question List page with no test questions.

                                                       xiv.      You now need to import the test questions.

·        Select “Import Test Questions” from the drop down menu at the top right side.

·        Select “Import questions from a Text File on your hard drive” and click the Browse button.

·        Locate the TXT file on your hard drive and click Open.

·        This will put the address to the file in the Import Questions field. Click Submit

·        This will put the test questions from the TXT file on the screen in a field you can view and edit if necessary. It should not be necessary to edit it. Click Submit. If you get an error, correct the problem and click Submit again.

·        All the test questions will now appear in the Question List page. Here you can edit, view, or setup the look and feel for how they are displayed.

                                                         xv.      To see how the test will look using the template you chose, select “Show Test Mockup” from the top right drop down menu on the Question List page.

                                                       xvi.      To change most test parameters, back color, header graphic, etc. select “Edit Test Setup” from the top right drop down menu. You should not need to make any changes to the setup if you used a template with which you are satisfied.

                                                     xvii.      You now need to copy the test down to each of the Plant Test Areas where it will be used. From the top right corner of the Question List page, select “Copy Test to Lower Levels”

·        When the Copy to Lower Level screen opens, click the  button and enter “XX”  in the Password field (where XX is the Navigator Password setup for Administration in System Admin). The purpose of this is to give you access to all Test Areas and not just the ones below the Test Area in which you are currently located. Click Submit.

·        Back on the Copy to Lower Levels screen, check the “Show All” box. All system Test Areas will display.

·        Check the boxes of the Test Areas for each of the areas where we keep separate records.

                                                   xviii.      You are now ready to create the hyperlink for employees who view the presentation to take the test.

·        From the Question List page, scroll to the bottom and click the “Take Test” hyperlink.

·        The test Log In screen will open.

·        Select the address to the page and copy it using Edit > Copy.

·        Close the window to the Log In page.

                                                       xix.      Close RoboTutor by clicking the Log-Out button near the bottom of the page.

  1. Create the link from the presentation to the test.

                                                              i.      Test the hyperlink by clicking the “Slide Show from Current Slide” icon in the lower left corner. Then click the Quiz button and see if it opens the test Log-In page. Enter “54321” as the Payroll number and it should bring up “John Doe”. There should be a drop-down field that shows all the test areas to which you copied down the test. Click Exit and close the window.

  1. Move the PowerPoint to the Training server.
  2. Create a link to the presentation in the Training Menu

                                                              i.      The Training Menu can be located in the RoboTutor application itself by setting up a Training Menu.

·        In this case, employees go to the RoboTutor application to do their training.

·        No web pages need to be created or edited.

                                                            ii.      The Training Menu can be one or more web pages external to the RoboTutor application.

·        In this case, you need to put links into those HTML files using an editor such as Microsoft FrontPage.

·        Employees go to those external pages to see and link to training materials.

                                                          iii.      Note, you don’t need a separate link to the RoboTutor quiz if you created one at the end of your presentation.

  1. Test the presentation and quiz:
  2. Email the persons who sent you the presentation and let them know it is finished and up on the training server.


May 16, 2008