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Who We Are and Why is That Important?

Back in 1983 we formed a company by the name of CAPE Associates, Inc. to create software for use in Utah public schools and colleges. In 1989 we won a prestigious national award for software innovation. In the early 1990s we began a line of products called RoboTutor which focused on math and vocabulary training in the public schools. These DOS based programs also won a number of awards for innovation in the field. They are available FREE for download if you want to use them on older computer in your school or home. We also developed many courses for use at the university level.

In 1996 we saw the coming of the Internet and by 1998 had begun the development of our first internet testing software. We could see a strong need for ways to develop tests and keep student records. RoboTutor went on the market in the year 2000 and was based on HTML designed tests and the use of CGI scripts for doing the grading and record keeping.

We have clients using our software all across the nation. They include the Los Angeles County Office of Education, Burbank School District,  Western Area Power Administration, Kennecott Utah Copper, ITT Industries, Web-Edu, Salt Lake Police Department, Ohio Valley Area Libraries, Lane Public Libraries, Frank Russell Company, and Professional Learning Systems, as well as universities, school districts, and individual teachers.      

In the fall of 2000 we saw the need for a completely new version of our TestCreator software that is based on randomly generated tests from a question bank using Microsoft Access databases. This approach has many advantages and includes new types of reports along with sophisticated security measures. This new version was completed in 2002 and won considerable acclaim. We continued to add features to the program and in 2003 designed an SQL version for large scale applications. Since then, new versions have come out every year up through 2009 with many new features. See the New Features document.

We are a small group of dedicated professional educators and technology specialists who are committed to making education in America more widely available over a lifetime and more responsive to the individual needs of learners. To this end we dedicate our RoboTutor.

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