Introduction to RoboTutor

RoboTutor makes it possible to online testing, tutorials, surveys, evaluations, assessments, and play instructional games. It is the culmination of 18 years work by the authors in instructional technology and online training. This version is designed to use a Microsoft SQL database and is suitable for use with large groups of students in school or corporate settings.

To access RoboTutor you need enter your User Name and Password, then click the Log-In button. If you do not have a User Name or forgot your Password, contact your System Administrator. Users may be setup with administrative rights to the tests, students, records & reports, or various system features. Each of these are explained in detail after you log-in or in the manual. Students may be setup to access their teacher's custom tests menu.

If you are a student who has previously registered with RoboTutor and would like to view your personal records, click the View My Records button.

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New Features in Version 10
Five Steps to Using Test Administration
Five Steps to Using Student Administration
Five Steps to Using Records & Reports
Five Steps to Using System Administration

The animations in the program are copyrighted 1996-2008 by Animation Factory and are used with their permission.